Fog system for houses

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Fog system to cool down the atmosphere

Household mist and spray device

We all strive to enjoy the outdoors, but the heat of the weather is the problem, preventing it from that, but with modern RGT systems, we can enjoy the best atmosphere in the pool, as well as grilling the best food and in the open air inside our home ...

Our fog systems work by high-pressure piston pumps with a pressure of up to 180 bar, and high pressure is what helps to extract water in the form of fog from very small nozzles with a diameter of 1 ~ 2 microns, as it is multi-use such as home gardens, cafes, The entrances to hospitals, entrances to military units, poultry houses, public gardens, farms and many others

Fog system

The fog system is considered one of the most appropriate and best solutions for cooling and mitigating the outdoor and open atmospheres, as it reduces the temperature by more than 15 degrees by using a fine water spray

Industrial fog technology

This technology is specially used to solve many environmental problems related to the temperature and dryness of the atmosphere

It is possible to use artificial fog technology to cool the outdoor open spaces in public places and places of entertainment. As this system can reduce the temperature level to 15 degrees less than the temperature of the outside atmosphere

central air conditioning

This technology can also be used to cool central air conditioning units during peak summer season using industrial fog technology, to ensure continued air conditioning efficiency

Hotels and resorts

This technology also softens the internal and external surfaces of restaurants, cafes, hotels and resorts, adding a special character to these places.

Factories and warehouses

Cooling workshops and large factories with open internal spaces to reduce the amount of industrial pollution such as dust and smoke and reduce the percentage of emissions and odors in wastewater treatment plants.

Humidifying the warehouses of wood and papers Maintaining the required temperature level in poultry, sheep and cattle sheds Maintaining the required temperatures in greenhouse farms

Personal use

As for individuals, the group has specially designed a mist device for personal use in home gardens and private stables. This is to meet the need for individuals to take advantage of the open spaces in their homes during the day when the air temperature is high. We also fulfill the individual's desire to add some simple water effects to swimming pools and fountains for decorative purposes

There are several options in installing a fog system, for example the traditional suspension, including an atomizer base that carries several sprays and is called a fog fountain, and one of them is a fog fan that is installed in open and large places.

Features :

Reducing degrees, small size proportionate and consistent, easy to operate and maintain, operate automatically

Technical Specifications:

Engine from 0.5 to 25 HP, water pump with pressure of 1000 psi up to 3000 psi

Valves, small control panel from within the device, high quality circuit breaker

Minute and second ventilation system for the fog system, easy to use operator

Sundown made of epoxy coated iron with 4 bases, pressure watch to introduce the pump pressure

3/8 ″ pressure calibrator, high pressure tube from pump to spray pipe

Copper tube from the pump to the pressure watch


Spray sprayer, stainless steel type, with a copper bowl

3/8 ″ high pressure nylon tube

Connections for each atomizer sprayer

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Available sizes:

Motor Max Bar Motor Max L/Min Motor Max PSI Motor Max GPM Max PSI Max GPM Model
170 28.4 2500 7.5 3000 4 RG-RGK15.20
175 29 2538 7.5 2200 5.5 RG-RGK21.15
180 36 2610 9.5 4350 7.92 HRG-RGK30.10
180 36 2610 9.5 2200 22.5 HRG-RGK50.09
150 70 2175 18.5 4350 7.92 HRG-RGK30
225 70 3265 18.5 2200 22.5 HRG-RGK85
210 70 3046 18.5 1740 26.4 HRG-RGK100
160 70 2320 18.5 2900 13.2 HRG-RGK50
180 70 2610 18.5 2200 18.5 HRG-RGK70

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