Commercial industrial water desalination plants

محطات تحلية مياه تجارية صناعيه

Rusukh for commercial industrial stations


RGT for the production of water treatment plants for cities and villages in several sizes from 50 meters to 4000 cubic meters per day using the best technology in the world of water treatment. Our plants are easy to install and maintain and are equipped with a booklet, a plant diagram and a control panel.


Specifications and Features:

Feed pumps


The chases are made of hard metal epoxy coated


Multimedia filter


Sand filter


A group of chemical injections


Reverse osmosis membranes


Feed pump


High pressure pumps


Electronic control system or easy-to-maintain circuit breakers


5 micron filter


Product water flow meter and salt meter


High and weak pressure gauge


Low pressure gauge inlet


Plastic tubes and fittings


Satellite satellite pipes and connections


Control level on / off


Automatic or manual switching level control


Low pressure shutdown protection system


Power 220-380 volts 3 phase



Model RGROK-50 RGROK-100 RGROK-200
Capacity 50.000L/day 100.000 L/day 200.000 L/day


Model RGROK-300 RGROK-500 RGROK-1000
Capacity 300.000 L/day 500.000 L/day 1.000.000 L/day


Model RGROK-2000 RGROK-5000 RGROK-10000
Capacity 2.000.000 L/day 5.000.000 L/day 10.000.000 L/day