Automatic Under Sink Grease Trap

مصائد الشحوم الأوتوماتيكية

Specification for Under Sink Catering Grease Trap P-A 5

  1. Product name: Automatic Under Sink Catering Grease Trap P-A 5 
  2.  Model No.: P-A 5
  3. Color: Green  
  4. Material: P.P 
  5. Used: Household, small restaurant.


Automatic Under Sink Catering Grease Trap P-A 5


P-A 5 (5GPM)


Automatic oil-water separator under sink


P. P


Non-powered design

Dimension (Equipment)

380*250*265 mm

Dimension (oil tank)

210*87*220 mm

Dias of Inlet & Outlet Hose

57mm, 38mm

Flow Rate


Carton Size

440*260*29.5 mm

Mass Product Time

30 days


















  • High efficiencies:

Under Sink Catering Grease Trap P-A5 can remove more than 95% of the F.O.G from the waste water, and trap at least 95% of solid residual from kitchen waste;

  • Effectively prevent the drainage from blocking;
  • Avoid the pollution caused by wasted oil;
  • Save energy and time, Automatic Oil-Water Separator P-A5 is eco-friendly;
  • The collected oil by the unit could be transformed into biological diesel oil, soap, leather fat liquoring agent, and other biological technology product, because of the high purity (more than 95%).



1. non-powered separation and remove technology, no electrical & chemical additive;

2. Innovative automatic design, easy to operate;

3. Only need small place to assemble, save place;

4. Simple to clean and maintenance;

5. Made by P.E, durable and nice looking;


Used under sink in our home kitchens, it is the household edition. and can be widely applicated as the following:

1. Houses, hotels, restaurants, fast stores;

2. Dining hall of schools, enterprises, factories;

3. Comprehensive drainage of community, campus;

4. Food processing plants, oil refinery, car washing etc.

5. Pre-treatment of municipal water treatment.


Warranty Policy

warranty period:

From the date of installation

• Warranty period of 2 years for the product body (grease blocker), Includes leakage and damage from manufacturing.

• Providing supplies and spare parts for a period of five years.


Warranty Policy:

 General rules and conditions:

1. The original contract must be provided.

2. Warranty means that the product has been approved for repair, Replacement is only for products that cannot be repaired, and in the event of a manufacturing defect in the product, within six days from the date of installation, the product can be exchanged or returned.

3. The product must be within the warranty period, and under the original sales invoice.

4. The warranty covers any manufacturing defect of the product, and does not include any malfunction caused by misuse.

5. The warranty does not cover consumables that must be replaced or replaced periodically.

6. Warranty is voided in case the product is serviced at centers not approved by Rusukh.

7. Installation, operation and periodic maintenance is carried out (for a company/companies) officially approved by Rusukh Company.

8. The warranty does not include any additional damage resulting from the delay in reporting to request a product repair.