Square Fiberglass Barrier Oil Traps

مصائد الزيوت المربعة المصنعة من الفايبر جلاص

The Rusukh Group Provides The Latest Types Of Fiberglass Barrier Oil Traps With Multiple Stages:

Oil And Grease Traps To Protect Kitchens And Internal Extensions From Clogging And Damage As They Work

The trap with the oil-water separation system, including the circular oil trap.
The oil trap is characterized by its multiplicity of sizes and types according to the need. There is an oil trap made of stainless steel, and oil traps made of fiberglass are also available.

Installation Is Very Easy, As Entry And Exit Are Connected Via Drain Mechanisms Or Simple Plumbing Works.

The Nomenclature For Oil And Grease Traps

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We Have A Range Of Grease Traps And Are Used In The Following Places: Restaurants, Commercial Kitchens, Fast Food Restaurants



الرقم الموديل الارتفاع القطر
01 RGOS-F001 30 30
02 RGOS-F002 40 50
03 RGOS-F003 40 60
04 RGOS-F004 60 60


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