Warranty Policy

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This Guarantee Issued By The Rusukh Saudi Company / Any Additional Product Is Guaranteed By Its Authorized Agent


It Is Not By Its Customers Or Its Maintenance Service Agents And Is Valid At The Maintenance Centers Described In This Warranty


This Guarantee Will Only Be Applicable If The Warranty Card And Original Purchase Invoice Are Stamped With The Seller's Stamp And Indicate The Date Of Purchase


This Guarantee Is Valid For A Specific Period According To What Is Shown In The Warranty Periods Table Starting From The Date Of Purchase, And If The Seller Does Not Put The Date Of Purchase On The Warranty Card, The Date Of Sale Of The Device From The Institution To The Seller Will Be Taken Into Account As The Date Of Purchase


This Warranty Will Be Void In The Event That A Part Of The Device Or Model's Serial Number Is Removed, Replaced Or Disconnected


- The Institution Guarantees All Workmanship Defects And The Replacement Of The Product. Thus, The Customer’s Receipt Of The Product After Receipt Is A Disclaimer Of The Institution’s Responsibility.


Duration Of Warranty Implementation


- The Repair Time Takes (7) Days As A Maximum For Defects Covered By The Warranty From The Date Of Receipt And (30) Working Days To Replace The Product When It Is Not Possible To Repair It.


- According To The Required Maintenance, The Shipping Service (Delivery) Takes 7 Days As A Maximum, And This Period Is Not Counted Within The Maintenance Time. The Warranty Covers A Free Repair Or Replacement Service For Accessories Parts In The Event Of A Manufacturing Defect. The Guarantee Does Not Mean Replacing The Product Or Refunding Its Value As Well As Providing Service The Warranty In The Home Will Be Paid


It Excludes (And Does Not Include) The Following:


- The Costs Of Shipping The Product To And From The Institution. Rather, It Is The Responsibility Of The Customer To Send The Product To Our Warehouse According To The Address That Will Be Given When He Communicates With The Maintenance Department.


- Malfunctions Resulting From Defects Or Damage Arising From Customer Misuse. Or Accidents, Sabotage, Or External Maintenance Works With The Knowledge Of The Customer, Fractures And Consumption As A Result Of Frequent Irregular Use (Negligence) And The Enemy Of Adherence To The Operating Manual And The Periodic Maintenance Work. The Type Of Defect Is Determined By The Technician Of The Establishment According To A Report Submitted To The Maintenance Department In The Institution. Or A Modification Of The Product By The Customer.

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