Sizing Grease Trap

Extracted From PDI Calculator
If You Operate A Restaurant Or Other Commercial Facility, You May Have Wondered What Size Grease Trap Do I Need? Commercial Grease Traps Are Sized According To The Rate Of Incoming Flow, In Gallons Per Minute (GPM). Associated With This Incoming Flow Rate Is The Trap's Capacity. This Rated Capacity, In Pounds, Is Listed At Twice The Flow Rate. For Example, A 10 GPM Trap Has A Rated Capacity Of 20 Pounds. All Calculations, Formulas, And Charts Used To Determine Grease Trap Sizing And Capacities Are Widely Accepted By Most Plumbers And Regulatory Agencies. Always Check With Your Local Authority And Plumber For Specific Regulations And Recommendations On Grease Trap Sizing. For Pot Washing Sinks, The Plumbing And Drainage Institute (PDI) Recommends That You Round Up To The Next Available Size When Determining The Correct Grease Trap For Your Application.

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