gray water treatment

معالجة المياه الرمادية

gray water treatment


Gray Water Recycler System are equipment intended for the reception, treatment and reuse of gray wastewater (showers, washers and sinks), through a combination of treatment processes, filtration and disinfection.

Allowing reuse for secondary uses (flushing toilets, watering gardens, washing various things, etc.).

The system allows significantly reducing the domestic water consumption, turning out to be only an effective contribution for water preservation, but also an advantageous investment with economical return in short term, as soon as it leads to a cost reduction to potable water consumption.


Grey Water Recycler System present economical, technical and environmental benefits as present below.


Management and optimization of consumption with consequent reduction of the associated cost with drinking water consumption. The achieved economic benefit is based on a combination of the following factors:

1Reduction of the number of cubic meters of fresh water supply (less m3 consumed);

2Reduction of the water supply taxation (less m3 consumed at a lower SAR/m3 cost);

3Reduction of the value associated with the sanitation tax applied, since this is typically pegged to the value of drinking water consumed.



Creation of a strategic water reserve, useful in periods of water shortage by temporary interruption of supply (ruptures, drought, etc.).



Reduction of the level of contaminants released to the environment, in order to comply with local legislation and preservation of natural resources (water), reducing their consumption and thus contributing to their conservation and sustainable use.

The use of these systems will also generate a "forward environmental image".



  • Ease and flexibility of installation (reduced human intervention)
  • Absence of odors
  • Ease and comfort of operation and maintenance (operation/minimizing human intervention)
  • Low cost of first investment and operation
  • Industrial Design (State-of-the-art equipment)
  • Absence of noise
  • Functional safety (hydraulic and sanitary).



We suggest application of Grey Water Recycler System in all new constructions for the following situations:

Small population clusters
Public and Institutional Buildings
Tourist complexes



This system is easily installable in the construction phase, and its installation can also be considered with advantage in phases of remodeling and / or rehabilitation.



Impurity trap:

It separates (settling and suspended) solids objects with a diameter of less than 2 mm, using the principle of gravity to separate and deposit these objects.



Three stages of filters that sequester solids and separate them from water before entering the system.

The first stage starts with a mesh with large holes (10 mm), the second mesh with holes (7 mm), and the third mesh with holes (2 mm).


Grease and Oil Interceptor:

It separates the grease resulting from any sources and preparing foods in kitchens and collects them within the built-in trap.


Aeration tank:

 It contains an air blower to activate and move the water, prevent sedimentation and prevent anaerobic conditions with elimination of odors


Air blower:

Side channel blowers are maintenance-free:

  • External, permanently lubricated bearings
  • Contactless rotating impellers
  • Fan-cooled motors

Side channel blowers are user-friendly:

  • Weight-optimized design
  • Possibility for a vertical or horizontal installation


50 (Hz)

60 (Hz)

Rated Power



Rated Voltage


220-275 (V)

Rated Current


10.0 (A)

Max Airflow

150 (m3/h)

180 (m3/h)

Max Vacuum

-280 (mbar)

-250 (mbar)

Rated Pressure

290 (mbar)

280 (mbar)


66 dB(A)

69 dB(A)


26 (kg)

26 (kg)

  • Suitability for converter operation

Side channel blowers are environmentally friendly:

  • Oil-free operation
  • Low energy requirement
  • Low noise emission

Lifting and filtration pump:

It draws water from the aeration tank and transfers it to the filtration system


  • Horizontal multistage non-self-priming centrifugal pump, attached with long shaft electric motor.
  • Compact structure renders small size of pump; axial inlet and radial outlet.

Operation conditions

  • Liquid temperature:
  • Normal temperature type: -15ºC~+70ºC
  • Hot water type: -15ºC~+110ºC
  • Ambient temperature:         up to +40ºC
  • Max. operation pressure:    10 bar
  • Max. inlet pressure:             limited by max operation Pressure


Sediment Prefilter System: 

The Sediment Prefilter System helps protect your water filtration system and home appliances. Stop heavy sediment, dirt, and particulates as small as 5 microns from entering your home filtration system, and improve overall performance. Install as a stand-alone filter if your water concern is sediment. Or, install with a whole home filter system to protect your faucets from clogging, damaging your water-using appliances, and for better, more refreshing water and longer-lasting, more reliable system performance.

Cartridge-based sediment filtration system ideal for pre-filtration and dirt and debris reduction.

Reduce sediment down to 5 microns.

RSK filtration system:

RSK filtration is a specialized membrane filtration technology that enhances pressure-mediated suspension of pathogenic and solid waste from waste mixture.

The water produced after ultrafiltration is highly pure and free of any pathogenic waste.


  • Model Number:                     RSK-2000L/528 gallons
  • Voltage (V):                           0
  • Colors:                                               Silver
  • Filter life:                                12-36 Months
  • Certification:                         Ce
  • Power Source:                      Manual
  • Flow rate:                               2000 L/H
  • Micron Rate:                         0.1-0.01 Micron

Chemical sterilization system:

Sodium hypochlorite is injected by the dosing pump through the final collection tank of the resulting water.

Dosing Pump AMS 200

AMS200 is a simple and reliable range of micro-processor-based wall mounted solenoid driven dosing pump. The range has been designed to provide a general solution to the most commonly found daily needs. The range features both constant and proportional flow rates managed through a manually adjustable control dial on the front panel.

AMS200 is an analogue dosing pump with constant flow rate with manual adjustment using the control dial on the front panel. Power-ON led indicator.

AMS200 uses premium materials in its manufacture. The pump head comes as standard in PVDF-T, but can be optionally

specified in natural PVDF and comes with a ceramic ball valve as standard improving the reliability of the pump over time and offers chemical compatibility of the wetted parts.

AMS’s diaphragms are made of pure solid PTFE offering a superior life expectancy

guaranteed by SEKO for 5 years, making routine replacement no longer necessary.


  • Power-ON led indicator
  • Multi color LED status system
  • Level control input
  • Timed dosing with a weekly programmable timer
  • Dosage in ppm, dosage batch

Available Units for Greywater Recycling Systems

Rusukh specialized company has household gray water recycling systems in several capacities to suit all needs (house - villa - residential complex - compounds).

Before choosing the model, the expected daily flows from the sources that will be connected to the circulation system must be calculated.





5 M3/D


10 M3/D


25 M3/D


50 M3/D


100 M3/D


200 M3/D


300 M3/D


500 M3/D

RSK-GWT 1000

1000 M3/D


Warranty Policy

warranty period:

From the date of installation

• Warranty period of 2 years for the product body, Includes leakage and damage from manufacturing.

• Warranty for motors and pumps is two years.

• Providing supplies and spare parts for a period of five years.


Warranty Policy:

 General rules and conditions:

1. The original contract must be provided.

2. Warranty means that the product has been approved for repair, Replacement is only for products that cannot be repaired, and in the event of a manufacturing defect in the product, within six days from the date of installation, the product can be exchanged or returned.

3. The product must be within the warranty period, and under the original sales invoice.

4. The warranty covers any manufacturing defect of the product, and does not include any malfunction caused by misuse.

5. The warranty does not cover consumables that must be replaced or replaced periodically.

6. Warranty is voided in case the product is serviced at centers not approved by Rusukh.

7. Installation, operation and periodic maintenance is carried out (for a company/companies) officially approved by Rusukh Company.

8. The warranty does not include any additional damage resulting from the delay in reporting to request a product repair.