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Rusukh Group for Water Factories Processing:

The mineral water bottling production project is one of the productive projects to which a large number of investors and companies have turned to invest their money in it, due to the large demand for the products it provides, in addition to the high profit margin that can be achieved from this project and the ease of work in the project. It is not complicated. As is the case with some other productive projects that can achieve the same or less profits, and need a longer time.

Mineral water bottling production line equipment

First, we need a desalination plant

Required Equipment :

water factory

Water plant desalination plant with high specifications

Our company undertakes a group of professional works in the field of desalination plants, where we do a set of consultancy and engineering studies, implement and design desalination plants for drinking water for all needs and productions, drilling water wells, desalinating wells water, sea water and sewage refining..etc.

The Rusukh Group is among the first companies in the Arab world working in the field of water, which includes a team of administrators, consultants and engineers who are familiar with working to the highest level of efficiency by putting its expertise in your hands in all areas of water desalination of all kinds, refining sewage and industrial wastewater.

Where our company uses the latest and best means and devices to desalinate and refine this water; among these devices is the RO . device

Which is considered among the best devices for removing dissolved salts in water, with varying rates of up to 99% for some elements.

The desalination plants that we are constructing are modern devices that conform to the international specifications for desalination, and they work with reverse osmosis and osmotic pressure and work to separate the dissolved salts in the water. This is with different production capacities, starting with home desalination plants of 50-75 gallons, up to thousands of cubic meters of local water.

Such as sea water treatment plants, with a capacity to bear raw water salts with a salinity of up to (50,000) TDS... to be water fit for human drinking at a rate of up to 120 TDS.

Ozone sterilization system from Rusukh International

Super SOZ . Ozone Generator

Ozone sterilization is the best and most effective sterilization method and eliminates almost all germs, viruses, parasites and other disease-causing substances.

Ozone remains effective in bottled water for long periods and thus keeps water sterile for long periods in tanks, fixtures and in bottled drinking water

Blowing machine feeder

Rusukh International Water Factory Bottle Blowing Machine

Rusukh for the manufacture of fully automatic blowing machines (PEAT) for the production of bottles of drinking water, carbonated water or juices, as well as custom-made. Automatic blow molding machine is suitable for the production of PET / PE PP from plastic packages and bottles in all shapes. It is widely used to produce carbonated bottle, mineral water, cosmetics, oil bottles, as well as wide mouth bottles, etc.

packing machine conveyor

Rusukh International Water Factory Bottle Filling Machine

This machine is intended for the production of mineral water packaged in plastic containers, such as fresh beverage water and non-carbonated water

The machine is equipped with an integrated system such as universal bottles for more than 150-2000 ml volume

Machine Specifications:

A machine equipped with a belt to move the packaging directly, technical and equipped with transmission chains and can be modified according to the customer's desire

You do not need a follow-up worker, it is sufficient to operate it, and then the process of washing, filling and covering works and making the packaging ready for use. It only needs a simple modification and it works according to the customer’s desire and it has different production capacities

Rusukh International Water Factory Bottles Sticker Machine

The establishment of an automatic machine for labeling or stickers, in several shapes, rectangular or circular, on plastic, glass or metal containers, and this is directly pasted or by glue, and this is with two different machines, you can choose directly

Rusukh International Water Factory Date Printing Machine

Al-Baakh Printer for Date Printing on Packages

Well-established spray date printers, relying on the pump for the propulsion system, 2000C spray printing three lines of English numbers. Hair spray with automatic photo and message editing function. Can spray print all kinds of clear text and high graphics

Rusukh International Water Factory Bottle Packaging Machine

Nylon wrapping machine Shrink machine Packaging machine

A solid foundation for the manufacture of an integrated automatic nylon roll wrapping machine that fits many filled bottles and drinks, in multiple single or double forms, and depends on heat in the wrapping to glue the nylon to each other and then automatic shrinkage by hot air. The electrical units are selected from world famous companies. Like Imron and Mitsubishi

International specifications of the water factory from Rusukh International

The machines are made entirely of stainless steel with movable iron bases

The machines warranty is one year, and an annual maintenance contract is made by providing all spare parts after the warranty for a fee

And the guarantee of providing spare parts for several years.

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